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"I found myself on that secluded beach again, you know, the one we used to visit. But this time, it was different. The lockdown couldn't keep me away, and I saw more plastic waste than ever before. That's when your stories about fishing nets came flooding back.

I had a crazy idea - what if we turned those nets into shoes? That's how ER Soulier began, right here on this beach. We're making footwear with a purpose, just like you always taught me."

April 2020, Atlantic side - France


Discover the limited edition

Eugène riconneaus

Turning his creative studio into a laboratory, switching his colour search to material research, Eugène Riconneaus focused on the invisible elements of this new sneaker. Reimagining the potential of items such as fishnets, seaweed and seafood wastes

ER SOULIER number 1 in best men trainers
— British GQ
Selected by ASVOFF to show our purpose during the Unga Week
— Museum of Modern Art, New York
“Work to slow down marine pollution
while rising, and if it were possible?
Eugène Riconneaus, designer who worked with the concept store Colette or the most desirable streetwear brand of the moment, Supreme, seems to be on track to achieve this feat”
— Madame Figaro
Riconneaus has perfected the process and put suppliers and partners in place to scale up production of the material. With roughly 20 tons of oyster shell waste each season
— Women’s Wear Daily
“ER Soulier aim is to bring together style and environmentalism while helping clean up the waste polluting France’s coasts”
— Forbes
Winner of the 2022 call for projects in circular fashion and fashion craftsmanship
— Ministry of Culture - France
Welcomed by the Mills Fabrica X - during the London craft week for the Planet-Saving Innovation
— London craft week

made from marine litter

Made from recycled marine litter and oyster shells

Meet our first innovation

Sea based activities represent 50% of the ocean pollution



Selected by ASVOFF to show our purpose during the Unga Week @ Museum of Modern Art, New York

walk with the ocean

mission ocean

Sea based activities represent 50% of the ocean pollution. I see this material as ready-made to give a proposition to others and influence action for the ocean. The idea is to create the demand that appreciates and cherishes marine litter products: from fishnets plastics to oyster farms’ waste and algae”

Updates, Not season

This limited edition is only available by pre-order at the moment

Our products are constructed using elements that would otherwise be considered waste, such as fishnets, seaweed, and seafood byproducts. Our goal is to reimagine the potential of these materials and create a demand for products that cherish and appreciate marine litter.

Only available by pre-orders

Updates, not seasons

With the objective to slow-down seasonal products, ER will only look to release new updates, not seasons; new collections for ER mean new innovations for the brand and environment.


Pre-order process

1 - Pre-order production: 

We're proud to offer our sneakers for a limited time pre-order. Then, we only produce what is necessary in small quantities, allowing us to minimize waste and ensure the durability of our products.

2 - Collection and recycling:

We value marine waste by transforming it into raw materials for our sneakers. Used fishing nets and oyster shells are collected to be integrated into our manufacturing process.

3 - Manufacturing: 

We work closely with our European artisans to produce each pair of sneakers with care and precision. Each order is processed individually to ensure the quality of our products. 

4 - Delivery: 

As soon as your sneakers are ready, we ship them directly to you. You'll be informed at every step, from production to delivery, for a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

The delivery of the Beta_0A (high) is forecasted for May 2024

5 - Surplus & Exchanges:

We produce an extra 5% to guarantee exchanges and returns in case of sizing errors. Once the exchanges are complete, we offer these surplus sneakers for sale to our registered community members.

Notices of the contest


Article 1: Organization
The brand ER Soulier*, whose headquarters are located at 17 bis rue Jacques Archambault 17139 Dompierre sur mer, is the promoter of a free competition with no purchase necessary, titled "Win our first pair of high-top sneakers signed by Eugène Riconneaus", from 24/07/2023 to 01/04/2024.

Article 2: Conditions of participation
The competition is open to all adults residing in metropolitan France. Employees of the organizing brand* and its partners cannot participate.

Participation in the contest is free and does not require any purchase. To participate, participants must subscribe to the newsletter of the organizing brand* via the form on the website and follow its Instagram account @ersoulier to be eligible for the draw.

Article 3: Contest modalities
The contest involves winning a unique pair of sneakers, signed by Eugène Riconneaus. The total value of the pair of sneakers is 350€.

The draw will be held on 01/05/2024, among the participants who have met the conditions of participation. The name of the winner will be announced by email by the organizing brand* within 3 days following the draw.

The winner will be contacted by email and must respond within 10 days to confirm their delivery address. In case of no response, a new winner will be drawn.

The pair of sneakers will be sent free of charge to the address provided by the winner within 15 days of confirming their delivery address (once production is complete).

The organizing brand* reserves the right to cancel or modify the contest in case of force majeure or if unforeseen circumstances require it.

Article 4: Personal data
The personal data collected in the context of the contest is intended for the organizing brand* for the management of the contest and will not be used for other purposes. Participants can exercise their rights of access, rectification, and deletion of their data by contacting the organizing brand*.

Article 5: Responsibility
The organizing brand* cannot be held responsible in case of malfunction of the Internet network, a technical failure, an interruption of service, or any other technical problem related to participation in the contest. Moreover, the organizing brand* is not responsible for errors in the information provided by the participants, which could render them ineligible.

Article 6: Disputes
This regulation is subject to French law. Any dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of the regulation will be submitted to the courts of La Rochelle.

By participating in the contest, participants agree and consent to comply with all rules of this regulation.

\* ER Soulier is a brand operated by E.R.CREATION.