Eugène Riconneaus unveils his first controversial campaign “Jardin à la française” by photographer Hugo Fazi.

Parisian shoe designer Eugène Riconneaus sheds light on points where you can recognize his signatures of empowerment with strong emotion and character: always sophisticated but, more significantly, with an unconventional attitude.

Shot by photographer Hugo Fazi and performed by dancer Samantha Quealy, the shooting took place in the garden of a French castle (Jardin à la française ). The collection itself offers up from hand painted high and small heels, empowerment crown signature pumps, and to magic leaf shoe series…

“Every time people first meet me and get to know that I am a shoe designer, they would ask if I am a shoe fetishist”, Eugène observes, “in fact my crew knows me for being a skateboarder who doesn’t really see shoes in a fetish perspective. What captivates me most is the daringly unconventional attitude from women. My customers have a different interpretation on feminity. ”

Eugène decides to ask Hugo Fazi to direct this new campaign together with his photography vision. The Dionysian impulse balances with the clean and narrative style, making the image and the heel more about the attitude of the wearer. Also, they buck the trend, disassociating the fashion standard of aesthetics that demands the perfection from women. Instead, they emphasize the realism of the model so that Hugo didn’t photoshop the marks on the skin of the dancer. 




Every season, as an artist, Eugene Riconneaus will introduce a shoe collection painted by himself inspired from his art universe. 

Capture d’écran 2018-05-15 à 13.24.28.png



This new approach changes the traditional way of presenting collection and the know-how of crafting shoes. Those are now called art pieces instead of luxurious products.


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