Rocked by the underground culture, the skateboarding, the independent
movies from Larry Clark to Harmony Korine, Eugène Riconneaus has expressed through his shoe’s creations a duality of the traditional knowhow and the vision of eternal adolescence, transmitted by his shoe-maker mentor Raymond Massaro from Chanel. Eugène uses his know how and his own artworks as a tool to transcend this vision and art on his shoes.


International Chic with a Québécois Touch.


Every day he chases the codes of a generation, an era in seeking for new personalities and new cults for women, his muses, for whom he creates. These codes then become evident and similar to those of the youth
culture, that shapes season after season his shoes, and is staying true to his punk style and glamour-engaged graphic, leopard, and psycho prints.

He reaffirms his radical approach between cool boyfriend sneakers and ultra sexy heels. Sometimes even « aggressive » by their femininity and their powerful symbols such as the famous magic leaves’ print, the crown-jewel details on his pumps and sneakers. At last but not the least, the iconic Eugene signature boots.

The young designer continues to imagine his wife has a chameleon, heroine of modern times, sophisticated and rebellious. Alternating between a smart modern style during the day and heels to go out at night.