Pop-up Gallery : june 23rd to july 8th 2017, 61 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris (At the corner of Le Palais de L’Élysée)

Rocked by skateboard and underground culture, Eugène Riconneaus rose to fame at only 19 years old. Yet he has already worked with key figures in the realm of art like his debut exhibition with the controversial photographer-independent filmmaker Larry Clark.

Being the youngest and talented shoe designer, Eugène considers his shoe creations as a reflection of his artworks made by the best know-how with the finest material, which facilitate him to have conquered the most prestigious concept stores around the world including his skateboarding inspiring creations in Supreme NYC. 

He has spotted every detail surrounding the Parisian place Palais de Tokyo and the Trocadero, photographing mechanically the ground riddled with traces of skate wheels. That he called the bondage of the French marble.

Over the years, his photographic work has evolved, superposing his original shots with the most diverse pictures taken of the places and the girlfriends. In the height of his career, unfortunately he suffered from a serious disease right after his L.A trip and since that day, he began to paint with colors in stead of applying only black and white. 

Now, Eugene is pleased to make a comeback exhibition titled “Eight Curves”, where intertwining eight skateboard tracks paintings  and eight pairs of women’s high heel curves. Eugène is going to introduce this innovative parternship of art meeting fashion.

The artist paint on canvas in a reversed half-pipe, which dates back to his teenage years in skate park. More importantly, this unconventional shape of painting obliges people to take different approach when examining art pieces. That is to say, when visitors see Eugène’s paintings, they have to look up to for a complete view of eight curves, equal to his positive life philosophy in status quo.

As a result of his art work, Eugène Riconneaus persists in designing women’s shoes out of the same inspiration. “Eight Curves”series pumps are made of silk from his paintings. This approach changes the traditional know-how of crafting shoes and those are now called art pieces instead of luxurious products. 

Eugène Riconneaus was born in 1989 in blois, france, and lives and works in paris.