Eugene Riconneaus is a young French women’s shoe brand, catering to independent, sophisticated and rebellious women in cosmos. The essence of brand value is Empowerment, Transgression and Transversality. The women of the brand Eugene Riconneaus are authentic beauties for what they are but not for what the society wishes them to be. Eugene Riconneaus empowers them to change the rules. 

Eugène was born in Blois where French Kings and Queens have lived but growing up in a skateboard and underground culture. He reminisces about his origin and childhood by chasing elements from Château de Chambord, Marie Antoinette, Louis XII and so on in his own way. Royal traces can be observed in the “crown” on the back of Pumps to empower women and “silk” to remind people of Marie Antoinette who always highlights her neck with decorations adorned like a flower. 



Eugene debuted his first art exhibition with independent filmmaker Larry Clark. He is considered more an artist and photographer with value in art market rather than a merely shoe designer. Consequently, shoe collections are always connected to the art universe of Eugene Riconneaus. Instead of traditionally presenting products in a showroom, we exhibit our shoe collection in the gallery four times a year. Moreover, each season we will introduce an exclusive Art Collection painted by the artist himself and connected to his latest art work.

« I consider my shoes like a reflection of my artworks where the finest materials and know-how combine themselves » 



Eugene Riconneaus’ collections are created from 24 carat golds details, silk and exceptional leather, such as boxcalfskin, plugged lamb, suede kidskin, with an art that he has inherited from French craftsmen. Wishing to honor his origins, and to pay tribute to the boot maker who conveyed their techniques, Eugène’s shoes are entirely handcrafted in France, Italy and Portugal.